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Machine and Service Options

The contents of this proposal are based on a collective and broad understanding of requirements put forward by representatives of CLIENT.


It is the intended purpose of this document that the reader would obtain a high-level understanding of the solution as discussed between representatives of CLIENT and Merchant Services (Pty) Ltd.

This proposal seeks therefore to address the relevant requirements and to outline an approach covering costs and services in this regard.

Altron Fintech Enterprise would like to thank CLIENT  for this opportunity to present our company and solution in this manner.

Service Offering Option 1 Debicheck


This option is an affiliate terminal and CenDroid payment software, combined with DebiCheck as a menu option, making collection set-up a once-off solution. Fintech Terminals verify Debit card with the bank, authenticating the entire process as a one-stop solution for financial collections.

DebiCheck – TT1 Realtime

Merchant will load the transaction

Client will receive a SMS (USSD - Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

The Client has 120 seconds to authenticate the transaction (Accept or decline)

After 120 seconds a new mandate will be required

DebiCheck – TT1 Delayed

Merchant will load the transaction

Client will receive a SMS (USSD - Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

The Client has until 8pm, that evening to authenticate the transaction via the ATM, Internet banking, Branch, Bank’s call centre

After 8pm a new mandate will be required

DebiCheck – TT2 Delayed

Merchant will load the transaction

Client will receive an SMS (USSD - Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

The Merchant will load all his mandate for the day and send up ONE bulk file to the bank

The Client has till 8pm, that evening as well as the following evening to authenticate the transaction via the ATM, Internet banking, Branch, Bank’s call centre

After 8pm on the 2nd day a new mandate will be required


DebiCheck – TT3 Real Time

Initiated using a Fintech Android Terminal

Authenticated with Debit Card

Provide account and ID Verification

Run Early Morning

Can be tracked up to 10 day’s

DebiCheck TT1, TT2 & TT3 Pricing

DebiCheck Ad-valorem %


Tracking fee per day

R 3.30

No. of days free tracking


Minimum transaction value

R 575.00


Ad-valorem with a minimum Rand Value (R14.37)

Transactional Maintenance and VAS Fees will be charged for any changes to the original mandate after the original Load and acceptance of the mandate.

Transaction Maintenance and VAS fees

NuPay local changes

R 0.90

Rejected/unsuccessful mandates TT1

R 4.95

Rejected/unsuccessful mandates TT2

R 4.95

Mandate amendments and notification

R 3.75

Mandate amendments and authentication TT1

R 7.50

Mandate amendments and authentication TT2

R 6.75

Mandate cancellation

R 2.75

Out of bundle tracking per day

R 3.30

Dispute reversals

R 22.00

EDO to DebiCheck migration fee per transaction

R 1.50

Real time fund clearance fee (Non-Nedbank settlements)

R 45.00

Minimum billing cap (1% of difference to 50k)

R 500.00

The above includes:

Mandate initiation & registration

All successes

All failures

3 Day of tracking per transaction

Mandate registry services

Mandate management services

The documents that will be required for DebiCheck codes is as follow:


DebiCheck Pricing Annexure B

SLA DebiCheck

Authority to debit

With the above signed documents and FICA Required documents, G5 can assist in conjunction with the bank a merchant number in 3 days.

Service Offering Option 2 UROVO



Pricing Options




Device Pricing (per Unit)


R 460.00

R 991.78



36 Month

6 (six) Months

thereafter Ownership

Manufacturer Warranty

Free of Charge

(12-Months from date of purchase)

Free of Charge

(12-Months from date of purchase)

Free of Charge

(12-Months from date of purchase)

Maintenance Fee

For Normal Operation (per terminal per Month)

R 61.00



Extended Maintenance Fee

For Damage & Negligence excl. Motherboard (per terminal per month)

R 40.00



Motherboard Damage

For Example: Liquid Spill, Water Damage or Lightning damage etc.

(Time & Material Quote)

Per Quote

Per Invoice

Per Invoice

Power Supply Unit

(Per Terminal)





Charging Docking Station

R 600.00



Key Loading (per Load)

R 200.00



Software Loading (per Load)

R 50.00



Software Usage Licence (per terminal per month)

R 22.00



All pricing excludes VAT.



  1. Prices are quoted in Rand (ZAR) or US Dollars ($) where applicable and are exclusive of VAT at 15%.
  2. Invoices in favour of South African companies shall include the statutory VAT component. Non-South African companies shall have a zero-rated VAT component.
  3. Forward cover at the prevailing rate of exchange will be arranged by Merchant Services upon receipt of an official order which will result in a fixed price quotation in Rands and will be communicated to the customer. On the above price lists we have used indicative forward cover rate to provide indicative prices.
  4. The Device pricing in ZAR is indicative and has been calculated at Rate of Exchange of $1 = R15.00.
  5. Unless specifically stated, network connectivity cabling is not included with any packaging and must be sourced separately depending on the individual connectivity requirements.
  6. The terminal prices provided do not include the cost of any installation of the products.
  7. Prices include the initial delivery to a central point within the Johannesburg metropolitan area.
  8. Software Usage Licence includes software maintenance, updates, changes, and compliance requirements. It includes two free downloads per annum per terminal.
  9. Payment terms 30 days net from date of invoice. To be discussed dependent on services required
  10. The Maintenance Fee covers the cost of component failure during normal operations and normal use.
  11. The Extended Maintenance Fee covers the cost of repairs due Damage or Negligence excluding Motherboard Damage.
  12. For the Purchase option only, maintenance is optional. All repairs shall be carried out on a Time & Materials basis via quotation for the repairs. The quotation is to be approved prior to the repair of the device taking place. Invoicing shall take place based in the invoice amount.
  13. Time & Materials (T & M) is quoted on a per quote basis using the actual Component Price and the Labour Rate.
  14. For Rental and Lease options, proof of insurance is required by Merchant Services to provide replacement cover in the event of the loss of a device or a damage beyond repair status.
  15. Delivery lead times are typically 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of order where there is stock available. However due to COVID-19 the lead times have been impacted and longer lead times may be experienced.




Other than as expressly stated in this document, Merchant Services makes no representations or warranties, including without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.  Other than as expressly stated in this document, Merchant Services or its subsidiaries take no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by any person or entity as a result of reliance upon the information contained in this document.

Merchant Services standard ethical conduct clause

Merchant Services adheres to the highest levels of lawful, ethical and responsible business conduct and it requires its subsidiaries, as well as suppliers, customers and stakeholders of Merchant Services, in their interaction with Merchant Services, to adhere to similar principles.

The complete Altron standard ethical conduct clause will be provided on request and is also available on




The acceptance of this proposal is subject to the finalisation and approval off a Master Service Level Agreement with Merchant Services to be concluded between the parties. It is the intention of the parties that such SLA’s will include the obligations and responsibilities of both parties going forward once the implementation of the products is finalised.






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