Yoco offer’s a flat rate and we offer customized rates based on your business so that you arent paying crazy transaction fees

The whole process takes a total of 7 working days, from application to machine delivery.

You have three options, 

  1. Rental 
  2. Rent to own over 12 months 
  3. Purchase 

You can contact Altron support, have your merchant number ready. 011 645 3600

Your Terminal will batch automatically each night, so please do not turn off your machines overnight. 

You can also manually batch your card machines by using the following sequence (Insert Sequence here) 

If you require your funds to reflect sooner, you can send a request and we will arrange an early payout.


We have been operating in the retail space for over 20 years with the top retailers and franchises, because of that we have secured beneficial rates from the banks, which we sell to you. 

Yes we offer better rates on amex, dinners and international products.

Yes we do, contact us at to inquire if your franchisor has a arranged a group rate with us.