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What We Do?

We are the industry leader in providing merchant accounts.

We provide our clients with highly competitive merchant rates. Enjoy a simplified process to receiving a merchant account from our friendly consultants.

Key Benefits

  • Discover the most cost effective solution for your business
  • Risk free application process
  • End to End facilitation of the paperwork process
  • High approval rates
  • Relationship manager linked to your account
  • Direct contact should there be any queries
  • Unlimited consulting with payment industry experts
  • Reliable and Trusted

Why Use Us?

Fast Application Process
High Approval Rates
MasterCard & Visa
Works with Payments Gateways
Works with Point of Sale

Wirecard Merchant Services

We are South Africa’s #1 independent merchant services company. 

That means we find you the best merchant rates.   We can also introduce you to a card processing solution dedicated to your business needs. We offer a range of fast and secure  products for all your merchant service requirements.

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06 Dec 2013

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Offering recurring payments is a great way to increase customer retention, improve checkout experience and grow customer loyalty – and at the same time automate your payment processing and reduce operating costs. Often, recurring billing is associated with debit orders or direct debits.  However, credit and debit card recurring billing provides the same monthly collection[…..]

Latest Posts
14 Nov 2013

About Merchant Accounts

What is a Merchant Account? A merchant account is virtual bank account that holds money from credit and debit card sales.  The merchant account is linked to your business bank account and money is normally transferred out on a daily or weekly basis. Any company that wants to accept credit cards must establish a merchant[…..]